University of Arizona

A bold and inspirational plan will define the University of Arizona strategic pillars and goals in an approach designed to energize and focus the entire UA community.

We are poised to lead innovations in health, big data, the environment and more. We are in a position to enable more dynamic and democratic human interaction in an increasingly digital world. To that end, our university, under the leadership of President Robert C. Robbins, is engaging in a strategic plan that will provide a blueprint for the future.

In 2017, we started asking our stakeholders to share questions, ideas, hopes and dreams for the university that will ensure we continue to lead in a changing world. These discussions will help define the common ground and uniting goals that will form the pillars of our strategic plan.

President Robbins said the backdrop for our strategic planning is the worldwide influence of the convergence of the physical, biological and digital sciences, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The UA is already a leader in many of these areas.